Mar 26 2011 | 09:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Water Discovery Day
Exhibit Museum of Natural History - 1109 Geddes Avenue

Sponsored by: Exhibit Museum of Natural History; sponsored by Toyota USA Foundation

Discover water! Find out what makes water wonderful and why it is the basis of all life. Take the journey of a water drop around the Museum. Go on a scavenger hunt to discover how water plays a role in many of the Museum’s exhibits. Find out how much water it takes to make a pair of blue jeans and other familiar items. Enjoy a puppet show, stories, and more. Special guests, demonstrations, and hands-on activities will make this day a big splash!

Have fun while you:
* Find out where else water is found in the universe and how scientists figure that out
* What the water footprint of some common items is
* Test water for cleanliness
* Take a trip through the water cycle
* See how many things can live in a single drop of pond water
* Explore some of the strange properties of water and how they make life on Earth possible
* Make a rainbow density column and take a trip on the Global Conveyor Belt
* See some of Michigan’s most notorious aquatic invaders
* Learn how to be a better water steward
* Do a scavenger hunt exploring how water influences some exhibits in the museum

Visit the Planetarium and see our special show “Oasis in Space.” Planetarium tickets are $5 per person in the Museum Store. Seating is limited.

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