Mar 10 2011 | 5:10 PM
Penny Stamps Distinguished Speaker Series: "Keepers of the Water"
Michigan Theater - 603 E. Liberty St.

Sponsored by: Penny W. Stamps Distinguished Speaker Series (School of Art and Design), Water Semester, Program in the Environment
Speaker: Betsy Damon, Environmental Artist

Water is primary to our bodies, the earth and the universe. Ecological artist Betsy Damon has made water the foundation for all her planning and design. Damon creates large-scale art parks featuring sculptural flow forms and public art events to help clean urban waterways and raise water awareness around the globe.In 1995 she conceptualized the Living Water Garden in Chengdu, China, and she continues to work on large-scale innovative projects in China and the US, including an award winning plan for Beijing Olympic Park, and the Trinity Lakes project in Dallas, Texas, to create a 23-mile long, ecologically sound corridor on the Trinity River. Her nonprofit organization, Keepers of the Waters, provides information and technical support for others working with similar design principles and processes. More information at: