Mar 23 2011 | 7:30 PM
The Big Thirst: The Fate of Water in the Modern World
Rackham Amphitheatre - 915 East Washington Street

Sponsored by: Graham Environmental Sustainability Institute, Center for Global Health, Water Semester
Speaker: Charles Fishman, author and journalist

Water is the story of the new century. In the U.S., the Golden Age of Water — in which we view water as naturally abundant, dependable, safe, and cheap — is coming to an end. And we’re in for a rude shock. We are entering an era of water scarcity — and not just in “dry” places like the U.S. Southwest and the Middle East. In this talk, Charles Fishman helps us see water in a new, and urgent, light. He circles the globe to tackle everything from municipal delivery of water, to the vast but fragile network of water supplies for agriculture and industry, to the entry of corporations into the world of supplying water. How are businesses trying to create safe supplies and make money? And how does this affect you? In the future, how will we get water? How will we distribute it, use it, pay for it. In a thorough and enthralling talk, Fishman shows you how the new “water economy” will reshape global economics, global politics, the global food supply — and the way we live.