Mar 27 2011 | 4:00 PM
Love Flows: An Islamic Dance Drama with Gamelan
Hill Auditorium - 825 North University Avenue

Sponsored by: Residential College, the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, LSA, Center for World Performance Studies, the Islamic Studies Program, African Studies Center, Humanities Institute, Center for Research on Learning and Teaching, Office of Senior Vice Provost
Performers: F. X. Widaryanto, a famous Javanese choreographer, and his dance and music students of the University of Michigan Gamelan (owned by the Stearns Collection)

Like his uncle the Prophet Mohammad, Amir Hamzah feels great brotherly love for all humans. In Javanese culture, water is a crucial symbol of love, as it nurtures, calms, and animates all living things, and water references abound in this dance drama. His compassionate nature is so strong that it attracts two beautiful princesses, Kelaswara and Adaninggar. He falls in love with Kelaswara, but Adaninggar tries, unsuccessfully to pull him away from his beloved. In accord with Javanese tradition, Amir Hamzah needs permission from Kelaswara’s father before marrying her. Though initially he withheld his blessing for political reasons, in the end he did, as he understood that Amir Hamzah manifested love not only for Kelaswara but for all humanity.