Apr 12 2011 | 5:30 PM
Science in Fifteen Minutes: Climate Change and water: Too much, too little, or not at the right time…
Shapiro Undergraduate Library Lobby/Bert’s Study Lounge - 919 S. University Ave

Sponsored by: Shapiro Science Library
Speaker: Rosina Bierbaum, Professor and Dean, SNRE

The planet is getting warmer and wetter. Yet, paradoxically, droughts are also increasing. The poorest on the globe will suffer the most since they have the least financial, scientific, and technological resources to adapt. Coping with a changing climate will require dramatic changes in management of water resources with implications for drinking water, sanitation, productivity of our crops and forests, and reliability of energy systems. Achieving sustainable development will not be possible without confronting climate change.

For people who want to learn something scientifically and socially valuable in a short time. A 15 minute lecture is followed by time for questions.