Mar 25 2011 | 12:00 AM
Water, Water Everywhere!
Exhibit Museum of Natural History - 1109 Geddes Avenue

Grades 2-7; $7/person, 90-120 minutes

From whales to the weather, water permeates our world and makes our life possible. This special Learn it! Do it! Day will provide opportunities for your students to explore the hydrosphere, including the properties that make water special, the water cycle, discovering the watershed and why pollution matters, and more. Students will explore hands-on stations throughout the Museum: they will look at pond water under a microscope, test water quality, build their own water cycle terrarium and watch the water cycle in action. As a special treat, students will get a close up look at our new Basilosaurus exhibit, a 40 to 50 million year old whale relative. What adaptations made aquatic life possible for this creature? A 45 minute planetarium show, Oasis in Space, explores water’s role in the solar system, and will be available for the special price of $2/person with this program. This event is open to a large grade range, but students will take part in grade appropriate activities.

For more details, contact Kira Berman at 734-647-8574 or