Cartoon like virtual reality

Sitting down in front of the screen to watch the cartoon, the child is immersed in the events on the screen. He becomes part of the fictional world. May identify with the main character or mentally place themselves in the plot

If there are too many cartoons in his life, then they become almost the only way to learn about the environment. And contemplating the experience of cartoon characters, the baby loses interest in the real world, which is not as exciting and colorful as the events on the screen.

The only way to separate reality from fiction in a child’s mind is to watch cartoons with their parents and read

Adults can comment on the plot, explain where is the truth and where is the exaggeration, where is good and where is evil, etc. This will teach the kid to critically perceive the plot and realize that the course of events in reality will not be the same as in the cartoon.

If you leave children alone in front of the screen, and even for a long time, then there is a risk of long-term consequences. They will get used to learning the world alone, without the participation of their parents. And in adolescence, this can provoke protest behavior, a refusal to communicate confidentially with loved ones.