How to accelerate hair growth

How to accelerate hair growth

On average, human hair grows at a rate of 1-1.5 cm per month. Only in winter does the growth process slow down slightly, and those who do not wear a hat in minus temperatures can stop at all. Scalp vessels narrow down from the cold and stop fully nourishing the hair follicles.

And in summer, when you want to change your image, we can afford various experiments with hair. But we’re not always happy with the results. And then we dream of having hair that’s faster than the industry. How?

It’s necessary to stimulate hair growth from inside and outside. You should add cereal porridges, nuts, green vegetables to your diet. Beer yeast, taken as a food supplement, will provide the body with B vitamins, which have a positive effect on the hair. Drink on an empty stomach in the morning a tablespoon of linseed oil, so provide yourself with a daily dose of selenium – beauty vitamin.

External products for hair growth acceleration are masks, herbal lotions and daily head massage. The principle of stimulation is to increase blood circulation around the hair follicles.

Pepper Hair Mask

One of the most effective masks. You can buy the hot pepper tincture at a pharmacy or make it yourself.
You have to:

1 tbsp of pepper tincture (for preparation you need 1 pod of red hot pepper and 100 g of vodka).

2 tbsp. of water

2 spoons of almond oil

2 Aevita capsules.

How to cook:

If you want to make the tincture yourself, slice the pepper rings and pour vodka. Then insist three weeks in a dark place.

When the pepper tincture is ready, mix a spoonful of the tincture with two spoons of water and add almond oil. For nourishing properties, add the contents of the two Aevit capsules to the mixture. Put on rubber gloves and use a cotton swab to apply the mask to the whole head surface. Wrap the head with polyethylene and wrap it up with a terry towel on top. It is normal to feel a strong burning sensation, but if you feel any pain, wash the mask immediately. The minimum exposure time for a pepper mask is 30 minutes. Even if you do not feel uncomfortable, do not keep the formulation on your skin for more than an hour.

Mustard hair mask

Another stinging mask to accelerate hair growth.
We have to:

2 tbsp of mustard powder.
1 tsp. sugar

1 egg yolk

2 tbsp. of peach oil

some hot water
How to cook:

Mix the mustard powder with the sugar. Add yolk, peach oil and top up with hot water until liquid porridge is formed. Before the mass cools down, apply to the scalp with massage movements. Wear a cellophane cap and insulating cap. After 45 minutes, wash your head with a soft shampoo and let the hair dry naturally. If the burning sensation was mild, increase the amount of sugar next time.

Look at the recipe for another mustard mask:

A mustard mask for hair

Nettle has a very beneficial effect on hair, strengthens its roots and gives it shine.
It’s necessary:

100 g of dry nettle leaves

0.5 litre boiling water
300 ml 6% vinegar

How to accelerate hair growth

How to cook:

Fill the nettle leaves with boiling water and add vinegar. Cook on low heat for one hour. Strain and pour into a bottle and keep the mixture in the fridge. Rub the homemade nettle lotion into your scalp every night for 10 days. It is not washed away.

Well stimulates hair growth with scalp massage. Take it as a habit to brush your hair at least 100 times morning and evening from the back of your head to your forehead and back. The greatest benefit will come from brushing with a natural bristles massage brush.
If you follow these recommendations, you will see a positive effect.