How to improve discipline when teaching children online

1. Establish a mode of study and rest
Often children do not know how to do this. At first they play a lot, and then they grab all the lessons at once, get tired and no longer want to study online with Or they rush to do it in advance and also get tired.

Let’s say from experience that it is very difficult for children at the age of 4 to sit through a whole lesson for 30-40 minutes without a break. The teacher needs to take breaks in the form of physical education minutes or musical breaks. This approach helps to avoid overwork and maintain concentration.

2. Plan Your Daily Study Tasks
Only a rested body is able to absorb new information well, so it is important to evenly distribute the load.

For example, the parents of our students plan reading and Russian language classes, focusing on the child’s workload at school. If there are a lot of lessons in a week, online classes are transferred to weekends or days when there are fewer tasks.

3. Equip the workplace
In online learning, location is not important. You can practice wherever you are and from any device. But as practice shows, most of our students study at home.

A few tips to keep your child comfortable:

– Provide good lighting. Ideally, the table should be located near the window or the room should have good artificial lighting.

– Choose a comfortable chair and table so that the child sits upright and does not stoop.

– Ventilate the room before starting classes.

– Remove distractions.

4. Prioritize Homework
No matter how much your child begs you, movies, computer games, friends, walks after the obligatory homework is done. With the exception of additional classes, circles, training, as they have their own schedule.

5. Make sure that the material covered in online lessons is necessarily fixed
We are talking about additional independent studies that the teacher gives to work out the topic. They are more often advisory rather than mandatory. For example, reading books and, communicating in Russian, learning games, working with copybooks, etc.

Thanks to this approach, the child better consolidates the material, understands the lessons and keeps up with the program.

6. Choose the right training program
Interest is an important condition for success in online learning. It does not matter what subject the child will study online. A good training program, a sensitive teacher, a suitable class format is the first step towards discipline and high academic performance.