How to make a collage yourself

How to make a collage yourself

Made by yourself collage can be an interesting decorative element of the interior or a gift for a holiday.

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Tools and materials will be required:

a backing for gluing;

Some do not stop there and use for collage creation various decorative details: beads, tapes, applications, buttons and others. In addition, colored pencils or felt-tip pens for drawing are not superfluous.

How to make a collage:

Before you start creating a photo collage, you should decide on its size and base. For example, it is recommended to make large photopanes on a hard surface. This could be a sheet of cardboard of the right size or plywood, a cork cloth, a Watman.

In addition to the substrate, a concept is also required. A clear plan must be drawn up for what the future collage will be like. For example, for a holiday or a trip. On the basis of the idea, the necessary photos, magazine clippings and decorative elements are selected.

Pictures do not necessarily have to be placed exclusively sequentially one after another. They can be glued diagonally, overlapping, with different steps between photos, at an angle. Everything depends on a concept that has been thought out in advance. In addition, the images can be glued in some form. For example, hearts by filling it with photos of different sizes.

To keep the images on the basis of tight, and the excess glue did not come out of the edges, you need to apply it to the photo, stepping back 5-7 mm from the edge. Once all the photos have been placed in the collage, you can complement it with decorative elements and paintings. All that can be glued is glued to a suitable adhesive.

How to make a collage yourself

For example, feathers, sand, tapes hold well on PVA. But beads, beads, bulk elements require a stronger adhesive. For example, from a special thermal gun or on a rubber basis. Drawing is usually applied either at the edges of the collage or in between photos and clippings. Once the photopane is ready, it can be inserted into the frame to complete the work.

It is even easier to make a collage on a computer because only the right program is needed. Many people support not only the creation mode, but also editing, the ability to glue stickers, add captions, which significantly expands the range of work.

Photo collages created on your computer can not only be placed on social networks or a website, but also printed later in the photo studio. If possible, the workshop can choose the right size for printing – from standard A4 format to large wall collages.