How to prevent hair loss

How to prevent hair loss

Often, increased hair loss can be caused by unsuccessful cosmetics or improper care. Proven folk recipes, modern hair products and a stress-free, measured lifestyle can help solve the problem.

If you notice that a lot of hair remains on your hairbrush, take immediate action. Weakened hair follicles need strengthening, and the scalp – in need of toning and recovery. Modern preparations, which are included in many lines of pharmacy cosmetics, will help to quickly cope with the problem.

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You can strengthen the roots with tonic creams with herbal extracts, such as white lupine extract. Nourishing oils will strengthen the roots of your hair, preventing hair breakage. Serums containing natural ceramides and vegetable keratin, stimulating the growth of new hair and tonic follicles will also be useful. Complete the products for intensive care with the appropriate care line: shampoo, conditioner, conditioner, balm-rinse.

A very important point is nutrition and daily routine. Include fatty fish, nuts and vegetable oils rich in fat-soluble vitamins and valuable trace elements. Keep your scalp in good condition with fresh vegetables and complex carbohydrates. Try to get a good night’s sleep and avoid stress, which significantly worsens the condition of already weakened hair. Drink a complex of multivitamins after first consulting with a doctor.

Look over the styling products. Varnishes, mousses and gels shouldn’t weigh your hair down, putting additional strain on your follicles. Choose cosmetics with a light texture based on thermal water. Alcohol-containing products will not work, they dry the scalp, make the hair brittle and dull. But a small addition of silicones will not hurt.

Ideal for brittle and weak hair – professional styling line products. In the range you can find products for different types of hair and scalp. Use styling products in small quantities, and in the evenings be sure to remove them by brushing your hair with a soft brush.

How to prevent hair loss

Master a self-massage to strengthen the roots of your hair. This should be done daily, preferably before bedtime. With your fingertips, make gentle circular movements from the back of the head and temples to the top and forehead. This treatment is relaxing, tones the scalp well and relieves stress. The massage also works very well with a special device with metal smooth balls fixed on movable wire rods.

Wash your head with soft, not too hot water. After washing, rinse your hair with a firming broth of herbs. For dark hair, an infusion of hop cones will do, while a blond one will strengthen the chamomile well. Soothing broths of peppermint, oregano and lemon balm have an excellent effect on the scalp. Dry your hair in the air without using a hair dryer. If you like curls, don’t curl your hair with thermohydrates or hot tongs. Use a more gentle option – soft foam curlers or homemade paper curlers. If you follow all recommendations, the result will not wait!