How to quickly teach a child to count and learn numbers?

In order for the child to show interest in the account and, parents need to constantly count everything. You can learn to count from the age of 2, or even earlier. It all depends on the abilities of the child and his development.

– Kitchen accounting.

When setting the table for dinner, laying out cups, plates and all appliances, count them out loud so that the child can hear it. For example, we will give the first spoon to dad, the second to brother, the third to mom, and the fourth to you. When the baby begins to eat, count the spoons of porridge eaten with him.

– Getting dressed.

When dressing a baby, you need to read count the number of buttons on clothes, pockets and sleeves. Count socks and mittens, paying attention that there should be two of them.

– Walking.

Going for a walk, count everything that catches your eye. How many steps were taken, how many and which trees grow in the park. If there are leaves, then they can be collected and counted.

– In the shop.

If you discuss the number of purchases with the baby in advance, then in the store you can ask how many buns, sausages, sweets, etc. you need to buy. The child will feel his responsibility and will remember the numbers with pleasure.

– During games.

On the Internet you can find a lot of educational games with a score. For example, you can give the baby 4 apples and ask him to share it among all household members, and then ask how much each one got, etc.

– Learn numbers.

After the baby has learned to count, you can teach him numbers. Magnetic numbers on the refrigerator will help with this. Learning requires parental patience. And if you are not in the mood today, then it is better to postpone classes so as not to discourage the child from learning by harshness.

When the child learns the numbers from 1 to 10, then you can explain what zero is. For example, when there were 2 sweets, they were eaten and there was nothing left – zero.

Gradually reach all subsequent numbers, just do not guess the numbers. After all, mathematics is an exact science and the child should immediately know about it.

When preparing a child for school, you can teach him to solve examples using fingers or sticks. To develop your child’s memory, teach him to count backwards. This can be done by playing rocket launch.

Before school, you can send him to mental arithmetic classes, where he will learn to count, develop two hemispheres of the brain, become more attentive and learn how to quickly assimilate new information.

Parents should not be afraid of failure in learning, your patience, kindness and attentiveness will help the child achieve success in all matters.