Meditation for filling with vital energy

The recommended position for performing this technique is sitting on the floor. Straighten your back, gently stretching in two directions: with your tailbone down towards the ground, and with your crown up towards the sky. Relax, close your eyes. Remove all thoughts that arise in your mind. Breathe evenly, deeply and freely.

Imagine that your body is firmly “connected” with the earth, which is for you at the moment a fertile source of life force. Feel the open sky above you, as an endless space of unlimited possibilities.

Imagine your body as a magical vessel. When you inhale, this vessel is filled with energy, which during exhalation spreads throughout the body, penetrating into every cell of yours.

Feel how life force and inspiration come to you: from Heaven – through the top of your head, and from Earth – through your feet and tailbone, flowing smoothly along your spine. Let the energy of the Earth and Heaven fill you, for the realization of your plans and goals, for your good and prosperity.

At the end of the meditation, turn with mental gratitude to the Creator and the forces of Nature for the support and help they have given. Thank yourself for striving for a conscious harmonious unity with the Creator and with Nature.