Why do we start doing yoga including Often to improve health and energy levels. But that’s not what I’m talking about today!

It happens that doing yoga and other practices of self-improvement, we find inner peace, tranquility and ease, and

we like this state. It contrasts strongly with what we encounter in everyday life and there is a desire to do it more. There is a desire to run away from problems into practice. And this is a good substitute for alcohol and other means of escaping reality! What’s the catch?

You may notice that while you are practicing, being among like-minded people and attending various retreats and so on, you have a fairly balanced state, but as soon as you leave this corridor, encounters with real life become more and more traumatic and annoying.

Why do people aspire to monasteries, ashrams, solitude, or even to a cave to meditate? Because, having a high sensitivity, doing yoga and thinning more and more, they begin to feel that it is unbearable here and that everything will be perfect THERE. Unfortunately, this is an illusion, there will also be trials, distracting and annoying moments, albeit calmer.

The bottom line is that we cannot avoid meeting ourselves!
The best way to check what we have achieved with the help of yoga practices is every day, when faced with a variety of life situations and people, to look at our reactions. Can we maintain inner peace, calmness and optimism, or can we do this only in ideal conditions of practice, if we are not distracted by the noise of neighbors or our own children ?!

This is a good question and a great indicator of how far you’ve come in working on yourself. Therefore, you should not avoid Life, you should not look for ideal conditions, since learning is faster in the thick of things. And solitude will be very beneficial for periods. It will give you the opportunity to recuperate and gain deeper contact with yourself. It can be a retreat, vipassana, or a trip to the country house for a couple of days.
In this case, yoga, meditation and solitude will not be an escape from Life, but a reliable tool on the Path to a better version of yourself!