How do you get rid of your snoring?

How do you get rid of your snoring?

Statistics say it snores 25% of the world’s population. Among people over 60 years of age, almost 50% snore. Men have this deficiency more often, as they usually have a flesher upper sky, and snoring, in fact, is the fluctuations of the soft sky and its tongue. Modern doctors believe that the tendency to snoring in sleep is not just a feature of the body, but a sign of health problems. Yes, snoring can be dangerous to health: it makes it difficult to ventilate the lungs, which in turn leads to a lack of oxygen in the blood. The greatest danger of snoring is that it can cause obstructive apnea or short-term respiratory failure in your sleep. Apnea interferes with normal sleep: disturbed sleep cycles cause health problems, especially with the cardiovascular system. Also a person wakes up unsleepy, irritated. And how suffering from snoring others, and do not have to talk!

But before you can find remedies against snoring and ways to fight it, you must first understand why it has arisen at all. Because very often snoring in your sleep is just a consequence. And until you eliminate the cause, to fight it with a variety of folk means of snoring or new gadgets from online stores useless.

The main reasons for snoring

The main cause of snoring is too narrow nasal passages (e.g. due to chronic runny nose, increased nasal mucosa, septal curvature). In addition, the nasal passages may be too narrow from birth. But only a qualified ENT doctor can help to establish this diagnosis.

Alcohol intoxication: during it almost all muscles of the body are deprived of tone, this also applies to the heavenly muscles.

Excess weight (nasopharynx is squeezed by fat deposits).

Smoking: it irritates the mucosa and causes swelling.

Motor disorders and some anatomical features of the sky and larynx (reduced elasticity of the airways of the throat, “long sky”, etc.).

Many try to fight snoring at home. That only women do not come up with! Some believe that the best way to treat snoring at home is by sewn into the back of your pajamas… a tennis ball so that the snorer turns over on his side. Sometimes to reduce the snoring you can just hold your head up while you sleep – lift the headboard of the bed or buy a special pillow in the form of a roller under the neck.

In addition, today there are many different means to combat snoring, for example, special mouth guards, which should be inserted into the mouth before going to sleep, or expanders for the nose, similar to the springs – they are glued to the wings of the nose to release the air supply. There are also some medicines for snoring. But these methods are not suitable for everyone, and their effectiveness is not 100%.

How do you get rid of your snoring?

The easiest and most important thing in the treatment of snoring is to turn to the Laura. Specialist will tell you how you can get rid of snoring in each case. Perhaps he will prescribe an X-ray or CT scan. It is also necessary to find out if apnea syndrome is present and how severe it is. This will be helped by a special examination – polysomnography (sleep “under control” of special equipment that registers the readings of the brain, respiratory and cardiovascular systems and other data). In some cases, surgical correction (plastic surgery) of the soft palate and tongue, or removal of tonsils is effective for getting rid of snoring. In either case, it is necessary to fight the cause of the snoring and eliminate it. If obesity is present, it is necessary to get rid of excess weight; if the patient smokes, let him quit his cigarettes; if the snoring occurred because of the curve of the nasal septum, it is necessary to correct it, etc. By the way, do not ignore the simple methods of prevention, such as fitness and breathing exercises: they help keep all muscles in tone, including heavenly.