Stretching in a hammock

Aerostretching yoga is stretching on canvases. In airstretching, the emphasis is on improving joint flexibility and muscle elasticity. Using a hammock, you can perform stretching exercises with more comfort and efficiency than on the floor. For example, you can stretch out on a twine using a hammock as follows: throw one leg on the hammockand leave the other on the floor. The canvas will take the limb further, helping to deepen the twine. Stretching in a hammock is carried out without unnecessary stress. In a hammock, it is very convenient to perform all kinds of backbends and coups. The spine here stretches better than on the floor, while neither it nor the muscles surrounding it experience overload.

Fitness clubs usually offer separate airstretching classes. However, aerial yoga courses also contain many stretching exercises. Stretching exercises are not only a tool for developing flexibility, improving the spine and improving joint mobility. In addition, they well relieve accumulated tension, eliminate clamps and spasms, improve blood circulation, and calm the nervous system.