How to choose an elementary school

The choice of primary school and is important, because the child will spend the first four years of study here, receive the first knowledge, and adapt to the process.

A multi-ethnic group of elementary age children are sitting in the computer lab and are using the computers to play a game together.

The elementary school occupies an entire wing with a separate entrance, or is located in another building, closed to high school students, classes are located on the first and second floors. This was done for the safety of young students. They have their own locker room, they move around the school accompanied by a teacher. Some schools have a full day group: in the first grade, kids have a special routine – a quiet hour like in kindergarten, walks during a big break. Parents can pick up their children at the end of the day, and not immediately after school after read When choosing a school, find out these nuances, note the presence of important ones for yourself and your child.

If there is no one to meet the baby from school, check the availability of an extended day group or the ability to leave the child with the teacher to do homework until the end of the working day.
First teacher at school
There is an opinion that when choosing an elementary school, parents “go to the teacher” – they choose teachers, not a school. There is a rational grain in this: the first teacher is the first impression of the future first-grader. The future teacher should like the child. Only then will he go to school with pleasure and quickly get used to the new conditions.

Most importantly, the best school and the right first teacher with will not replace the child’s parents. Support him, help, praise, do not reduce communication to doing homework, do not scold if something does not work out – it’s better to help him figure it out. Then the process of learning and getting used to the school will be easy, without quarrels and conflicts.