How to find your free time

How to find your free time

Laura Vanderkam, an American journalist specializing in time management topics, took a serious interest in this contradiction. Obviously, people who are able to manage everything in time manage their time in a different way – there can be no other secret.

Another obvious thing that the writer discovered was that we all have a lot of time. A superficial calculation reveals that if we subtract important things like work and sleep from our schedule, there are still 72 hours a week left to spend on anything and everything. And this is without calculating that we often do not get enough sleep, and working days are not always full of work.

By applying a few rules, which you will find in your schedule so much time you need, Laura offers in her Book of Lost Time.

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By that very simple formula. First, put together the working hours per week, sleeping time and other things that are mandatory for you – time to get home, exercise in the gym, time with the family, household chores. Subtracting the time of all your workloads from the 168 hours of the week, you will see how much objective free time you actually have.

It’s hard for a working woman not only to find the time, but also to switch from office to home rhythm. Where does our energy go and how do we get it back? We’re watching a video!

Record everything that took your time.
It means to analyze your real employment in more detail – at work, at home, during your usual activities. It is enough to do it within two typical weeks. Objectively, many cases can take much less time than they actually take. The rest is your new free time.

Make a list of the “untimely”
This should include the things you really want to do, not the things that circumstances require of you. An analysis of this list can yield the most astonishing results. As long as unrealized dreams are in our heads, they can remain dreams. When you realize that you have time, you will realize that you don’t want everything so much. The heroine of the story from the book by Laura Vanderkam wanted to lose weight, but when she did fitness for this purpose, she realized that she just liked sports, and the extra pounds went by themselves.

Thinking about what others could do.
Especially if they’re doing it better or better than you. This includes household chores (including what you can order from special services), work functions, and small tasks.

How to find your free time

Random time to fill in your favourite activities.
There will be plenty of free space for this step – on the way to work, waiting in line, due to postponed meetings, time in traffic jams and any force majeure. So you can learn the language, do physical exercises, relax, read books, spend time as a hobby.

Prepare a list of lessons for different periods of time.
What can be done in 10-20 minutes and what will take more time. This way you can fill in your schedule, getting the most out of your free time.

Eliminate inefficient tasks
To go where you can call, an extra beaten hour to mourn over the small details of the entire finished project, to visit as a courtesy. Everyone will have points, the implementation of which does not bring you in general neither benefit nor pleasure.