Your actions and thoughts

Did you know that scientists have proven that almost 50% of wakefulness a person is in a state of “autopilot”, performing all actions on the machine.

Every day, all your thoughts are occupied with something else – anything but the delights of the moment of the present and

Unbeknownst to yourself, you automatically woke up, brushed your teeth, had breakfast, dressed and ran out of the house on business. The body is there, but where are your thoughts?

Oh-oh, your thoughts are busy:

Yesterday afternoon;
an event in the future;
The evil janitor who got nasty to you a week ago;
problems at work;
Family conflict.
In other words, you are anywhere – in the past and in the future, in problems and conflicts, in victories and defeats – but not in the present moment. This is what it is – a dream. Are you sleeping now.

The first thing to learn in order to return to a state of awareness is the ability to calm your mind, stop thoughts and enjoy the world around you in the moment.

Osho writes:

Silence is the place where everyone wakes up, while the chaos of the mind puts you to sleep. And if your mind is still asking questions, then you are asleep. Sitting silently, in silence, when the mind disappears, you can hear the birds chirping and no mind working, complete silence… it is birds singing, chirping and no mind working, inner silence, then awakening comes to you. It does not come from outside, it grows from within. Otherwise, remember – you are sleeping.

Thus, every time your thoughts are chaotic and make too much noise, there is no doubt that you are dreaming.