How to make a collage yourself

How to make a collage yourself

Made by yourself collage can be an interesting decorative element of the interior or a gift for a holiday.

Master Class: Photo collage “Winter joys”.
A pleasant evening with the family can be spent making paintings from Christmas photographs. We are sure that your children will love this idea!
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Tools and materials will be required:

a backing for gluing;

Some do not stop there and use for collage creation various decorative details: beads, tapes, applications, buttons and others. In addition, colored pencils or felt-tip pens for drawing are not superfluous.

How to make a collage:

Before you start creating a photo collage, you should decide on its size and base. For example, it is recommended to make large photopanes on a hard surface. This could be a sheet of cardboard of the right size or plywood, a cork cloth, a Watman.

In addition to the substrate, a concept is also required. A clear plan must be drawn up for what the future collage will be like. For example, for a holiday or a trip. On the basis of the idea, the necessary photos, magazine clippings and decorative elements are selected.

Pictures do not necessarily have to be placed exclusively sequentially one after another. They can be glued diagonally, overlapping, with different steps between photos, at an angle. Everything depends on a concept that has been thought out in advance. In addition, the images can be glued in some form. For example, hearts by filling it with photos of different sizes.

To keep the images on the basis of tight, and the excess glue did not come out of the edges, you need to apply it to the photo, stepping back 5-7 mm from the edge. Once all the photos have been placed in the collage, you can complement it with decorative elements and paintings. All that can be glued is glued to a suitable adhesive.

How to make a collage yourself

For example, feathers, sand, tapes hold well on PVA. But beads, beads, bulk elements require a stronger adhesive. For example, from a special thermal gun or on a rubber basis. Drawing is usually applied either at the edges of the collage or in between photos and clippings. Once the photopane is ready, it can be inserted into the frame to complete the work.

It is even easier to make a collage on a computer because only the right program is needed. Many people support not only the creation mode, but also editing, the ability to glue stickers, add captions, which significantly expands the range of work.

Photo collages created on your computer can not only be placed on social networks or a website, but also printed later in the photo studio. If possible, the workshop can choose the right size for printing – from standard A4 format to large wall collages.

How to prevent hair loss

How to prevent hair loss

Often, increased hair loss can be caused by unsuccessful cosmetics or improper care. Proven folk recipes, modern hair products and a stress-free, measured lifestyle can help solve the problem.

If you notice that a lot of hair remains on your hairbrush, take immediate action. Weakened hair follicles need strengthening, and the scalp – in need of toning and recovery. Modern preparations, which are included in many lines of pharmacy cosmetics, will help to quickly cope with the problem.

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You can strengthen the roots with tonic creams with herbal extracts, such as white lupine extract. Nourishing oils will strengthen the roots of your hair, preventing hair breakage. Serums containing natural ceramides and vegetable keratin, stimulating the growth of new hair and tonic follicles will also be useful. Complete the products for intensive care with the appropriate care line: shampoo, conditioner, conditioner, balm-rinse.

A very important point is nutrition and daily routine. Include fatty fish, nuts and vegetable oils rich in fat-soluble vitamins and valuable trace elements. Keep your scalp in good condition with fresh vegetables and complex carbohydrates. Try to get a good night’s sleep and avoid stress, which significantly worsens the condition of already weakened hair. Drink a complex of multivitamins after first consulting with a doctor.

Look over the styling products. Varnishes, mousses and gels shouldn’t weigh your hair down, putting additional strain on your follicles. Choose cosmetics with a light texture based on thermal water. Alcohol-containing products will not work, they dry the scalp, make the hair brittle and dull. But a small addition of silicones will not hurt.

Ideal for brittle and weak hair – professional styling line products. In the range you can find products for different types of hair and scalp. Use styling products in small quantities, and in the evenings be sure to remove them by brushing your hair with a soft brush.

How to prevent hair loss

Master a self-massage to strengthen the roots of your hair. This should be done daily, preferably before bedtime. With your fingertips, make gentle circular movements from the back of the head and temples to the top and forehead. This treatment is relaxing, tones the scalp well and relieves stress. The massage also works very well with a special device with metal smooth balls fixed on movable wire rods.

Wash your head with soft, not too hot water. After washing, rinse your hair with a firming broth of herbs. For dark hair, an infusion of hop cones will do, while a blond one will strengthen the chamomile well. Soothing broths of peppermint, oregano and lemon balm have an excellent effect on the scalp. Dry your hair in the air without using a hair dryer. If you like curls, don’t curl your hair with thermohydrates or hot tongs. Use a more gentle option – soft foam curlers or homemade paper curlers. If you follow all recommendations, the result will not wait!

How to accelerate hair growth

How to accelerate hair growth

On average, human hair grows at a rate of 1-1.5 cm per month. Only in winter does the growth process slow down slightly, and those who do not wear a hat in minus temperatures can stop at all. Scalp vessels narrow down from the cold and stop fully nourishing the hair follicles.

And in summer, when you want to change your image, we can afford various experiments with hair. But we’re not always happy with the results. And then we dream of having hair that’s faster than the industry. How?

It’s necessary to stimulate hair growth from inside and outside. You should add cereal porridges, nuts, green vegetables to your diet. Beer yeast, taken as a food supplement, will provide the body with B vitamins, which have a positive effect on the hair. Drink on an empty stomach in the morning a tablespoon of linseed oil, so provide yourself with a daily dose of selenium – beauty vitamin.

External products for hair growth acceleration are masks, herbal lotions and daily head massage. The principle of stimulation is to increase blood circulation around the hair follicles.

Pepper Hair Mask

One of the most effective masks. You can buy the hot pepper tincture at a pharmacy or make it yourself.
You have to:

1 tbsp of pepper tincture (for preparation you need 1 pod of red hot pepper and 100 g of vodka).

2 tbsp. of water

2 spoons of almond oil

2 Aevita capsules.

How to cook:

If you want to make the tincture yourself, slice the pepper rings and pour vodka. Then insist three weeks in a dark place.

When the pepper tincture is ready, mix a spoonful of the tincture with two spoons of water and add almond oil. For nourishing properties, add the contents of the two Aevit capsules to the mixture. Put on rubber gloves and use a cotton swab to apply the mask to the whole head surface. Wrap the head with polyethylene and wrap it up with a terry towel on top. It is normal to feel a strong burning sensation, but if you feel any pain, wash the mask immediately. The minimum exposure time for a pepper mask is 30 minutes. Even if you do not feel uncomfortable, do not keep the formulation on your skin for more than an hour.

Mustard hair mask

Another stinging mask to accelerate hair growth.
We have to:

2 tbsp of mustard powder.
1 tsp. sugar

1 egg yolk

2 tbsp. of peach oil

some hot water
How to cook:

Mix the mustard powder with the sugar. Add yolk, peach oil and top up with hot water until liquid porridge is formed. Before the mass cools down, apply to the scalp with massage movements. Wear a cellophane cap and insulating cap. After 45 minutes, wash your head with a soft shampoo and let the hair dry naturally. If the burning sensation was mild, increase the amount of sugar next time.

Look at the recipe for another mustard mask:

A mustard mask for hair

Nettle has a very beneficial effect on hair, strengthens its roots and gives it shine.
It’s necessary:

100 g of dry nettle leaves

0.5 litre boiling water
300 ml 6% vinegar

How to accelerate hair growth

How to cook:

Fill the nettle leaves with boiling water and add vinegar. Cook on low heat for one hour. Strain and pour into a bottle and keep the mixture in the fridge. Rub the homemade nettle lotion into your scalp every night for 10 days. It is not washed away.

Well stimulates hair growth with scalp massage. Take it as a habit to brush your hair at least 100 times morning and evening from the back of your head to your forehead and back. The greatest benefit will come from brushing with a natural bristles massage brush.
If you follow these recommendations, you will see a positive effect.

How do I give volume to my hair?

How do I give volume to my hair

Stylists assure that only a comprehensive approach can achieve a sustainable hair volume effect. Everything is important here: cutting, hair care, choice of styling products, and even hair color.
The volume of hair starts with her! If nature hasn’t endowed you with a lush and thick hair, a proper haircut from a good craftsman can create a miracle. Keep in mind that very short or long hair always looks less voluminous, especially if you have thin and straight hair. For fine hair, a medium length is best, and a light filleting will make it lush. The ‘cara’ cut looks very good on thin hair. If you prefer longer hair, the optimal length is just below the shoulders. In this case, the ideal cut is staircase, with strands of different lengths: it will give volume even to thin naughty hair.

Visually, you can make your hair thicker by shimmering or coloring it. This simple but effective method has long been used by Hollywood stylists. However, avoid very contrasting coloring – to achieve the effect of lushness and volume of hair, the shades of the strands should differ from each other by no more than two tones.

The shampoo and balm should be designed specifically for thin, volume-free hair, and the label may also indicate a “volume” label. These products cleanse and nourish the hair without weighing it down, and components such as collagen or special polymers give the hair extra volume. Hair mask, balm, conditioner and other care products that require rinsing (unless they are from the “volume” range), apply to the hair, departing from its roots 1-2 centimeters. This will allow you to achieve more volume at the roots of the hair.

Giving volume to your hair is almost impossible without styling. That’s probably the most important thing. Professional stylists have their own secrets, allowing them to achieve the effect of volume even on thin and thin hair. From their arsenal is worth borrowing all kinds of varnishes, mousses and other styling products marked “for thin hair” or “for volume hair. Keep in mind: products from professional rulers have a more saturated composition and usually provide a better effect, but because of the abundance of active components is very important not to overdo it with their quantity. Otherwise, the volume will fall quickly, especially under the hat. And your hair will look dirty.

How do I give volume to my hair

You also need to be able to properly dry your hair. If your goal is just to dry your hair and give it volume at the roots, do so by putting your head down and directing the warm air flow directly to the roots, but without bringing the hair dryer closer than 15cm. Once your hair is dry, let it cool down without raising your head. If you’re looking for volumetric styling, dry your hair with a hair dryer and a round brush (twist it up to the roots) or use the large diameter curlers.

How do you get rid of your snoring?

How do you get rid of your snoring?

Statistics say it snores 25% of the world’s population. Among people over 60 years of age, almost 50% snore. Men have this deficiency more often, as they usually have a flesher upper sky, and snoring, in fact, is the fluctuations of the soft sky and its tongue. Modern doctors believe that the tendency to snoring in sleep is not just a feature of the body, but a sign of health problems. Yes, snoring can be dangerous to health: it makes it difficult to ventilate the lungs, which in turn leads to a lack of oxygen in the blood. The greatest danger of snoring is that it can cause obstructive apnea or short-term respiratory failure in your sleep. Apnea interferes with normal sleep: disturbed sleep cycles cause health problems, especially with the cardiovascular system. Also a person wakes up unsleepy, irritated. And how suffering from snoring others, and do not have to talk!

But before you can find remedies against snoring and ways to fight it, you must first understand why it has arisen at all. Because very often snoring in your sleep is just a consequence. And until you eliminate the cause, to fight it with a variety of folk means of snoring or new gadgets from online stores useless.

The main reasons for snoring

The main cause of snoring is too narrow nasal passages (e.g. due to chronic runny nose, increased nasal mucosa, septal curvature). In addition, the nasal passages may be too narrow from birth. But only a qualified ENT doctor can help to establish this diagnosis.

Alcohol intoxication: during it almost all muscles of the body are deprived of tone, this also applies to the heavenly muscles.

Excess weight (nasopharynx is squeezed by fat deposits).

Smoking: it irritates the mucosa and causes swelling.

Motor disorders and some anatomical features of the sky and larynx (reduced elasticity of the airways of the throat, “long sky”, etc.).

Many try to fight snoring at home. That only women do not come up with! Some believe that the best way to treat snoring at home is by sewn into the back of your pajamas… a tennis ball so that the snorer turns over on his side. Sometimes to reduce the snoring you can just hold your head up while you sleep – lift the headboard of the bed or buy a special pillow in the form of a roller under the neck.

In addition, today there are many different means to combat snoring, for example, special mouth guards, which should be inserted into the mouth before going to sleep, or expanders for the nose, similar to the springs – they are glued to the wings of the nose to release the air supply. There are also some medicines for snoring. But these methods are not suitable for everyone, and their effectiveness is not 100%.

How do you get rid of your snoring?

The easiest and most important thing in the treatment of snoring is to turn to the Laura. Specialist will tell you how you can get rid of snoring in each case. Perhaps he will prescribe an X-ray or CT scan. It is also necessary to find out if apnea syndrome is present and how severe it is. This will be helped by a special examination – polysomnography (sleep “under control” of special equipment that registers the readings of the brain, respiratory and cardiovascular systems and other data). In some cases, surgical correction (plastic surgery) of the soft palate and tongue, or removal of tonsils is effective for getting rid of snoring. In either case, it is necessary to fight the cause of the snoring and eliminate it. If obesity is present, it is necessary to get rid of excess weight; if the patient smokes, let him quit his cigarettes; if the snoring occurred because of the curve of the nasal septum, it is necessary to correct it, etc. By the way, do not ignore the simple methods of prevention, such as fitness and breathing exercises: they help keep all muscles in tone, including heavenly.